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RuleBreaker Bounces Back!

I know that it has been a little bit since the site has been updated, and to all those that may have missed me, I'm BACK! It's been a ride the past few months, and here are the highlights. 

On November 07,2014 my house burned to the ground. Nothing was able to be salvaged. My boys and I have bee…

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It's Raining Manucripts!

RuleBreaker is a busy one these days! Happy to say that the manuscripts are coming in from all over, two in my inbox today, and I'll have one in my old fashioned mailbox by next week! Glad to see one of my very first manuscripts being published by the lovely Mellie Miller, I will add the link to her…

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Website Updates!

Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

Check us out! We have our new logo up and running! Thanks so much to Emsquared for the custom original design, and to Jeremy for the digital implementation! I'm in love with it! I'd appreciate all your comments and feedback! I hope that everyone enjoys the…

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Checking In and Checking Up!

Good afternoon, fellow RuleBreakers! The one and only RuleBreaker has been quite busy herself, as I hope that all of you have been! Get those manuscripts ready for some red ink, and let's make it bleed a little on the page. In a good way of course! Have you already been through your novel or article…

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Dialogue Improvement

Are you struggling to get that character a solid voice? Do you have main players that you're fighting with? Let me give you a few tips.

Step One, your characters MUST speak! Let their voices be heard! One of the best methods that I've found in editing manuscripts is to speak FOR them. No. Really…

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From the Editor

Glad that June has finally rolled around! As I'm making my way through a first edit, here are a few free tips that will help you out when you're writing your first draft!

1: Manage your modifiers. Make sure that you don't use the same descriptors over and over. This makes for a tedious read for all…

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Getting Started!

Good evening everyone! I am so excited about this new endeavor! I am looking forward to the great things that we can do together. Right now, I am working on a sequel to a book that FreedomInk has from Mellie Miller for publication this August! It's going great, halfway through with it. Thanks for dr…

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New Page!

I am pleased to announce that the new page is up and running! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! More information will be added as more topics come up!

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