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Checking In and Checking Up!

Good afternoon, fellow RuleBreakers! The one and only RuleBreaker has been quite busy herself, as I hope that all of you have been! Get those manuscripts ready for some red ink, and let's make it bleed a little on the page. In a good way of course! Have you already been through your novel or article with a fine tooth comb? I'm sure that some authors are wondering what an editor can do that they haven't already, so let me help you out with that question. 

1- An editor doesn't have a personal connection with the material. Authors are very attached to their writing, and that can keep you from seeing problems with the writing that will stand out to an editor. 

2- Editors have  different perspective when reading your writing. We see it as a reader would, and we can't see in your head. So many problems with self-editing arise because as the author, you know what you mean. The reader may not be able to understand where some points are coming from in your story. 

3- An editor can do what may seem unthinkable for an author to manage: Cut pieces of your story out. This is sometimes needed so that the story will flow, and be concise and not choppy, but still make sense and really tell your story. 


I hope this helps out! 


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