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From the Editor

Glad that June has finally rolled around! As I'm making my way through a first edit, here are a few free tips that will help you out when you're writing your first draft!

1: Manage your modifiers. Make sure that you don't use the same descriptors over and over. This makes for a tedious read for all!

2: Don't be pedantic, just plodding through your text! Spice it up! Readers don't want to read textbook style writing, we all want to be entertained... That's why we buy fiction books, right? 

3: When going from thoughts to dialogue, make it clear. Don't leave me wondering what I'm supposed to do with this section of text. Is it for the other characters to know? Or is this for the reader's eyes only?

Questions? Leave me some comments and ask away! Let's get you the best manuscript possible! Maybe bend a few rules along the way?

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